Will the Fear the Walking Dead ‘Main Cast’ Remain in LA?

Article Written by : M Beauty Cream

Unlike the original series The Walking Dead that has hordes of zombies along with a lot of killing every episode, Fear the Walking Dead has been taking things slow as the third out of six episodes has been released.

Of course, in episode two, chaos has descended upon LA after a couple of outbreaks.

So, the question remains: How long will this last? Where will the show go from here?

In other words, how long will it take to dawn on the main cast to not remain in LA given how quickly it takes for big cities to be overrun by the ‘infection’.

 signaltelevision1While the original series The Walking Dead spent little time in Atlanta after realizing that it was a deathtrap, the characters in Fear the Walking Dead are already talking about packing up and moving to the desert. As vague as that sound, it seems to make more sense than stay in LA.

Of course, it’s very clear that Fear the Walking Dead will not be another show where people travel through the woods – or else you’d have two shows that resemble each other. This is because the main premise of the show is the location the apocalypse is set in.

Of course, remaining in LA does have its problems too. While one episode found Travis stuck in a shop, this will become boring if this become a regular fixture of the show.

So, while staying in LA might be alright for a season or two, there will come a point when they have to decide to leave – not unless it becomes a city where people take refuge as the outbreak worsens. It remains to be seen what they do with Fear the Walking Dead in this regard.