Documentary claims that Diddy was behind Tupac’s death


A documentary which features the retired LAPD detective Greg Kading in which he speaks out about the two-decade old shooting of Tupac Shakur. The documentary named “Murder Rap” premiered in 2015 and will now be available on Netflix and iTunes.

The detective worked on the case for over 3 years and he claims that Diddy hired a gang member (Kaffe D) for 1 million to murder Tupac Shakur and His manager Marion Hugh. But in the night of September 7 1996, only Tupac was killed.

He went on to say that 6 months prior to Tupac’s death, Hugh hired “Bloods” gang member Wardell to kill Biggie Smalls for the sum of $13,000. Smalls was killed on March 9, 1997.

Kading had questioned Kaffe D, who eventually confessed in the face of severe criminal charges. Kading told the HuffPost “If his intention was to just get away with it, so to speak…”it would have been very easy for him to not include all the details that he did.” The extra details also included information that Diddy had hired Kaffe D to kill Tupac.

The investigation was reopened in 2006, when Biggie Smalls mother, Voletta Wallace sued the department in court. At this time the department handed the case to Kading. The theory was that Biggie Smalls murder was covered up by the police. Kading was responsible to disapprove this theory and bring new evidence to light.

Kading now retired, has received many medals for his heroic actions. He has written a book about the case, which was published in 2011.