Famous Women Singers

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There are a lot of women that are famous for their music, in a wide variety of genres. You can find famous singer in all genres, from rock-n-roll to folk music. Below you can read about some of the famous singers that gave a lot of people enjoyment.

Ella Fitzgerald
She was born in 1917 and she is a phenomenal singer that inspired a lot of people. She received a total of 13 Grammys during her entire career, which lasted for 59 years. She improvised a lot in her singing and she influenced a big number of musicians. She died eventually in 1996, on June 15th.

Janis Joplin
Janis was a musician with a gut wrenching voice and a history of taking part in the hippie movement from the 60’s. She was the lead vocalist of the Holding Company and Big Brother in the beginning. Later she begun a solo career, singing blues and folk influenced songs. She had a life plagued by alcohol and heroin use. The best selling album that she had was Pearl, which was launched in 1971. Her death was caused by a heroin overdose, when she was just 27.

Joan Baez
A singer that has a distinctive voice, Baez was born in 1941, on January 9th. She played at Woodstock and she had a long history of singing on social issues. Diamonds & Rust is the song that she is probably the most famous for.

Aretha Franklin
Aretha was born in 194, on March 25th. Her nickname was “The Queen Of Soul” and a lot of gospel, soul and R&B singers we’re influenced by her music. She received twenty Grammy Awards over the course of her entire career and she was also the first female singer that got into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.