Coldplay’s Chris Martin says the F-word


The star said the F word when promoting the band’s halftime performance at the super bowl 50.

Martin said the following when responding to a reporter’s question “It’s a difficult question to answer, Are you saying which part of our show will we f–k up terribly?” He said laughing.

The performance won’t include the much anticipated song with Beyonce “Hymn for the weekend”. Martin said that the reason why it will not be performed is because “It only just came out, so I don’t think it would be quite right,”.

Although Coldplay will open the show for the Denver Broncos Vs the Carolina Panthers, fan’s will be happy to note that the diva Beyonce and Bruno Mars will join Sunday’s performance. Martin said “Everyone who does this show knows it’s the biggest honor,”

The Super Bowl 50 is estimated to reach 100 million viewers. Martin said that his children were very excited about his performance and stated “I hope [they’ll be with me]. It’s hard to get tickets though,….My son [Moses] designed my shoes. I asked him, ‘Please, could you make me some Super Bowl shoes?’ He made two pairs. One is for this and the other is for the Super Bowl.”

He said his daughter gave him a pep talk, he said “My daughter said the sweetest thing yesterday. ‘How you feeling about the Superbowl?’ ‘Of course, we’re a little bit nervous, She said, ‘Dad, the worst that could happen is you’ll get turned into a meme. And after a month or so people will just forget!'”