A New Scheme Launched By Bittorrent Helps Artists Make Money Through The Use Of Sponsored Applications

bittorrent-logo675Internet users, in more cases than not, download pirated music using BitTorrent at no cost at the moment but that’s all about to change as users will be encouraged to use sponsored software, as designed by uTorrent, to download music at a price.

BitTorrent’s chief executive, Eric Klinker, puts this new initiative in perspective, in saying, “We believe we can make digital distribution even more viable for creators and fans. So, beginning now, we’ll be testing new ways to drive profitability for creators while delivering even more meaningful media experiences for our users.”

It’s always been difficult for artists and producers to prevent their music from being downloaded for free because the source from which it can be downloaded continues to change – and this inability costs the music industry millions of dollars every year.

However, a trial of this new idea where artists and BitTorrent Inc could profit from is being tested by American hip-hop producer, DJ Shadow, with his latest release, “Total Breakdown: Hidden Transmissions From The MPC Era 1992-1996”.

Once users download this release, they will be asked if they want to download RealPlayer (the sponsored application), a popular media player that has been used extensively over the last two decades.

It is this approach that causes skeptics to shoot down the scheme as it is more likely that downloading these sponsored applications will be highly unlikely not unless it is relevant to the user’s needs – and since most users use BitTorrent to avail of free music among other files, it is anything but a reality.

However, despite the obvious flaws in this new scheme, Klinker says that there are other ideas that will in the pipeline that will also help artists to make money from their business as well.