The science of using foams for soundproofing

Blog provided by The Foam Factory

Acoustic foam has become a popular fixture in professional music studios and musicians’ home studios. It is known as an essential element of dampening sound for the benefit of the people inside and outside the studio. How does this unusually shaped foam help musicians manipulate sound waves for their own benefit?

To answer this question, we must look at the way sound works. As you may know, sound consists of vibrations that travel through the air and into your ears, causing your hearing receptors to transmit signals to your brain, which interprets this sensation as sound. The vibrations that constitute sound tend to bounce off hard surfaces, but do not resonate as well when they collide with soft surfaces.

Since acoustic foam is a soft surface, sound waves do not echo well after coming into contact with it. Furthermore, acoustic foam dampens sound waves by converting the energy from the vibrations into heat. Because the acoustic foam is usually cut into shapes such as wedges, pyramids, and grooves, it can also increase the quality of sounds inside a room, which is beneficial for recording purposes.

It is important to note that acoustic foam dampens sound but it does not block out the sound from leaving the room. Blocking sound is done with thicker, denser materials, rather than softer ones. If you need your room to be quieter, even after installing acoustic foam, you may need to invest in additional sound blocking measures, such as using Green Glue products including their damping compound and noise proofing sealant. If you’re a musician, you could also use ClearSonic enclosures for drums, vocals, and any other instrument you can think of.

If you have a home recording studio, a workbench where you keep your power tools, or any other noisy room in your house, you might consider investing in acoustic foam to reduce noise pollution coming from your building. The Foam Factory offers several different varieties of acoustic foam, including bass and broadband absorbers, sound barriers, and drop ceiling tiles. Browse through their soundproof products and choose the foam that’s perfect for your needs.