Madonna is top-earning celebrity in 2012, most money made this year since 1991

According to Forbes, Madonna is the top-earning celebrity in 2012 with a whopping $125 million to her name, thanks to her MDNA tour as well as her clothing and fragrance lines striking gold in the process.

The magazine also stated that it was the year that she has made the most money ever since it began to track her financial status (and earnings) since 1999.

Director Steven Spielberg was not far behind with earnings amounting to $100 million, thanks to movies such as ET and Jurassic Park, released in 3D on its 20 year anniversary. The Oscar winning Lincoln also added substantially to the ‘bottom line’ too. His earning are also boosted by a cut that he is entitled from Universal Studios theme parks.

The third place was a tie between the Fifty Shades of Grey author, EL James, Simon Cowell and Howard Stern who each stood at $95 million each.

James Patterson, popular thriller writer, and radio talk show host Glenn Beck earnings stood at $91 million and $90 million each. Other popular names that made it to the Forbes’ top 10 list included Michael Bay, Lady Gaga and Jerry Bruckheimer.

Forbes collates its data for this annual list of celebrity earnings by collecting information in regard to their entertainment-related earnings from producers, managers and agents among other people in the business.

Having said that, these estimates do not take into account agent fees, tax deductions as well as other costs related to being a celebrity.