How to Find Success in Hollywood

Every year, Hollywood attracts people hoping to make it in the industry. The realities of “making it” sometimes outweigh the expectations. It’s difficult to land a part in any major production when there is already so much established talent. Filmmakers can feel like the odds are even more stacked against them. But that’s the essence of finding success in Hollywood. Stop getting discouraged and try some of these ideas.

Find Entry Level Work

One of the best ways to network is to work with key people in the industry. This is how you get invited to major functions, where you get even more face time with people who make decisions. Entry-level jobs are your platform to those functions if you understand how to apply yourself. Don’t overlook production assistant or intern positions. One of the best positions for an aspiring writer to hold is being a script reader. Never forget every end has a beginning.

Shoot a Movie

You have to demonstrate a desire to make movies on some level, so make something yourself. Enlist some friends and use your mobile phone as a camera. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it will teach you more about how movies and editing work.

Think Outside the Box

We live in an amazing time where your way into the film industry isn’t defined by any one path. A YouTube short can land you a job just as easily as a degree from a prestigious film school. Consider how to reach fans, how to build a following and how to get people interested in what you’re doing. Work will inevitably follow.


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