Crucial Tips to Keep Your Low Budget Film Within Budget

A low-budget film means different things to different people, especially depending on where you are at within the industry. A low budget film might mean anything from a few million dollars to as little as $5,000. The higher a budget goes, the more complex it is to plan for everything you’ll need to release the film. So here are some tips to help you stay within your designated budget.

Understand the Elements Involved

Step one is planning your production schedule, which means reading and understanding the script. Know which scenes will be the hardest for you to shoot, how much travelling is involved and the size of the crew you’ll need to do the job. Keep in mind that a smaller crew seems attractive from a budgeting standpoint, but you might need those critical roles filled when production time comes.

Write the Script for the Shoot

Try to write your script with the budget in mind, so keep special effects and location changes to a minimum. If you are acting as writer, this often means simplifying what can seem grandiose. Think about what role setting plays in your story, and where you might be able to get away with making changes. Try to keep any changes you make to the script at bare minimum, as every adjustment carries an additional price tag with it.

Indie films are usually character-driven films that tend to focus on one location or one event. Try to centralize your script and keep the focus tighter.


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