Attorney John Branca Discusses Michael Jackson’s legal cases


John Branca is a well-known entertainment lawyer and manager who has worked with various big-names artists, like Michael Jackson and Aerosmith. He is known for being one of the best lawyers in his field. In an interview at UCLA, he discusses the difference between the current allegations and the allegation when Michael Jackson was alive.  

He notices a pattern between the current allegation case and the previous allegations. He noticed that Michael Jackson had allegations against him from Victor Gutierrez before, and the recent allegations are patterned right after Victor’s. He mentions that Michael sued him when Victor made these allegations, and Victor lost millions and went bankrupt. Now that Michael is no longer alive, HBO has taken advantage of his death and can make money off the allegations made against Michael. They won’t get sued and lose money like Victor because Michael is no longer around to sue them.  

John Branca believes that the recent allegations and HBO’s antics with this information is used to make money and is pushed not because it is true, but that HBO will make money off such allegations. As he stated in a previous interview, the media would investigate the facts. Still, now there’s a rush to get legacy media, viewership, and to compete against blogs, so he believes that lots of media that is put out today is rushed. This is why HBO releases such information against Michael Jackson. So, he does not believe what the media currently saying is true.