Arrow and Flash Spinoff Due, Garber Expresses Excitement in Interview

Both fans of the Arrow and Flash know that there will be spin-off development that will involve characters from both CW superhero dramas.

In the situation where it does happen, there are three characters that will be involved namely Leonard Snart, Professor Martin Stein and Ray Palmer.

When asked about this collaboration in an interview with Victor Garber playing Professor Martin Stein, he said, “I’m very excited about it. I have no idea what it’s gonna be. It’s gonna be exciting and Greg Berlanti’s my good friend, who’s creating it, and I’ve already played the character on ‘The Flash,’ so I feel very confident and… looking forward to it.”

When asked what plans were in for Professor Stein, he responded by saying that he wasn’t sure since it’s still too early but explained that his character would definitely get into trouble.

When Greg Berlanti was asked as to how producers make these spin-offs without hurting the original franchises, he explained that both these shows are unique in their own way.

While Arrow is a crime/ family saga and Flash involves a part family drama, cop show as well as sci-fi extravaganza, the show where these characters collaborate has created an identity of its own.

What he also adds is that it is important to not consider them as superhero shows that are similar and that are from different universes but actually having their own distinct universes with their own tones and worlds. Of course, if you’re doing a spinoff just for the sake of it, this won’t turn out to be just as much fun.