3 Reasons Why Grodd is the Most Important Villain on The Flash

Article written by Sid Solomon

Without a doubt, The Flash has the most interesting characters ever. Whether it is the Flash himself who is unsure of himself, his father figure, the Star Labs team or even the villains on the show.

Which brings us to Gorilla Grodd. For those who aren’t familiar with this villain, Grodd is a giant ape with telepathic powers who is also deemed to possess super-intelligence as well.

Here are 3 reasons why he is the Flash’s most important villain:

1: The presence of Gorilla Grodd shows us how the far the show is willing to go

It’s challenging to present characters from the comic books and since The Flash hasn’t hesitated to do so, it clearly reveals that the CW is willing to go all the way. In other words, time travel, multiple universes and different Flashes as we have seen so far.

 signalstelevison22: Isn’t a distraction from the main plot

Shows usually break off from the main plot for a week or two. However, Grodd is connected to the main story. We discover the Earth-1 Harrison Wells created Grodd while in Season 2, Earth-2 Harrison Wells is used to trick Grodd as he only obeys the Reverse Flash. Of course, when they banish him through a wormhole, it still ties in with the greater goal of beating Zoom – this season’s main villain.

3: Grodd is just the most entertaining villain on The Flash

We’ve seen a number of exciting villains on the Flash from Reverse Flash to Captain Cold. Yet Grodd has motivations of his own as he was just a self-aware psychic ape. Yet it’s pretty daring for the Flash to have a giant gorilla being the main ‘bad guy’ for a network TV show. It’s clear that they’re willing to use the most insane elements of the original Flash comics too.